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We make it our mission to delve into animal protection related issues and to engage the power of our community to together protect our animal friends.


Our work entails the following:
1. Advancement of animal protection related researches

2. Advancement of animal rearing methods

3. Prevention of animal diseases

4. Animal welfare education

5. Education on the prevention of animal cruelty

6. Liaison and communications related to animal protection
7. Translation and publication of animal protection related works
8. Planning and execution of animal protection related contests
9. Aiding the government in providing care for homeless animals by means of soliciting the help and support from the general public

10. Other animal protection related works


APA (Animal Protection Association of R.O.C.) was founded on June 10, 1960. APA was the first officially-registered animal welfare group in Taiwan. APA was at the forefront in urging the government to institute the Wildlife Animal Protection Law of R.O.C. and the Animal Protection Law of R.O.C. in 1998. APA’s work consists of three aspects: promoting animal welfare education, lobbying for policy change and providing sanctuary for homeless animals.


APA (Animal Protection Association of R.O.C.) established the Shelter for Homeless Animals in February of 1988, providing a safe haven for stray dogs and cats, an unprecedented feat in Taiwan. In November of 2001, the shelter was relocated from its original location in Danshui to Bali, hence changing its name to the now, “Bali Sanctuary”.  The Bali Sanctuary was intended to be a second home for pets who were surrendered to public shelters to give them a second chance at life.


At the Bali Sanctuary, these forgotten animals are provided loving care and basic behavior training so they have the chance to be adopted again and find a forever home. In the meantime, APA seeks out sponsors for those animals staying at the Bali Sanctuary who have yet to get adopted. APA hires full-time staff at the Bali Sanctuary to look after the animals to ensure they have an enjoyable quality of life and the loving care from human companionship during their stay at the Bali Sanctuary.


In the same year the Bali Sanctuary opened, APA began implementing a systemized adoption practice of micro chipping all of the animals cared for at the Bali Sanctuary. In addition, each animal’s profile detailing his/her characteristics, personality, health status, vaccination and medical records, and etc is digitized in APA’s data archive. Furthermore, vets are invited to the Bali Sanctuary to conduct periodical health checks on our dogs and cats to prevent spreading of disease from taking place.