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The Keep Dogs Out of Shelters Project

About Golafu


The Keep Dogs Out of Shelters Project (or Golaifu, literal meaning “dogs bring good fortune”)

All dogs deserve a life of happiness and freedom, not deserted to languish within the confines of the shelter kennels. APA’s Keep Dogs Out of Shelters Project aims to realize the vision of giving shelter dogs a renewed life of happiness and freedom that they much deserve.  


For years, numerous animal rights activists and animal welfare charities alike have exerted tremendous effort towards helping to improve the welfare of stray animals in Taiwan. Nonetheless, countless dogs remain homeless and animal shelters all over Taiwan are more overcrowded than ever before.  To tackle the longstanding problem, APA launched the Keep Dogs Out of Shelters Project where we seek out loving foster families residing in the countryside to look after the dogs we adopt from public shelters on our behalf, so they can enjoy a life of freedom outside of shelter kennels.


Since 2017, APA has also started helping sell fruits grown by our foster families as an effort to fund the project as well as to promote local produce to the public.


This funding initiative was approved by the Ministry of Health and Care, Register No. 1071364762


Your donation will cover the following expenses:

  1. Food, medicine and vet bills

  2. Transportation fees incurred from periodic home visits paid by staff members.

  3. Fees incurred from annual health check-ups (transportation, medicine, medical equipment)


Volunteers Needed!

We care very much about how our dogs fare once they arrive at their new foster home. We are looking for volunteers who can visit the dogs staying with their foster family to see if they are indeed leading a happy and healthy life, which is very important to us!

Where our foster families are located?

Our foster families are located in different regions across Taiwan. Currently our foster homes are located in Taichung, Tainan, and Pingdong.

What would I have to do as a volunteer?

  • Pick the location of your choice to visit at the beginning of each month

  • Confirm your visit date and time with APA staff (visiting date to fall between the 10th and the 25th of the month), we will inform the foster family of the visit accordingly

  • Arrange your own transportation to the foster home. Please fill out the visit log and take pictures of the dogs during your visit

  • Upload the visit log and photos


  • You are who we are looking for if you meet the following requirements:

  • Enjoy photo-taking and writing

  • Have a soft spot for animals (being an animal-lover is a MUST)

  • Care about societal issues

  • Not afraid to talk to strangers

  • Many of our foster parents are in their middle age and live in the suburbs, so it’s preferred that one has a good command of the Taiwanese dialect, so they can converse with the foster parents

  • Frequent FB user (at least once every 2 days)


You would need the following tools:

1.  digital camera (or any photo-taking equipment of the sort)

2.  own means of transportation (or know someone who can be your chauffer)

3.  computer, Facebook account



Steps to becoming a volunteer:

Submit your application form →submitted application is reviewed by APA staff → phone interview → training/job shadowing → select the area of service → begin your first visit!



Please ensure you meet the following requirements before you sign up:

1. you enjoy taking pictures and writing. It’s preferred if you have your own means of transportation.

2. can participate in APA’s training workshops (training schedule will be announced once available)


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 02-27040809*20  / email: 


How To Become a 

Foster Family

Basic requirements

  • Willing to foster APA’s rescue dogs on APA’s behalf

  • Can provide abundant living space (i.e. garden / orchard) for APA’s dogs

  • Can foster at least 10 dogs (number of dogs each household can foster will vary depending on the living space available


Are you a suitable candidate?

  • Love to be around animals

  • Patient, and is willing to commit to caring for the animals on a long-term basis

  • Observant, and is willing to embrace changes and try new things 

In return for foster family’s service, APA will subsidize the following:

  • Doggie house: NT$4000 for every 10 dogs fostered

  • Foster fee: NT$500 for each dog per month

  • Dog food for all of the dogs fostered (to be shipped directly to the foster home)

  • Medical bill: per actual expense incurred (invoice from the vet clinic required)

Steps to becoming a foster family:

Phone interview with applicant 

APA conducts onsite inspection of dogs’ future home

Construction (dog house, fencing, flooring, etc) to go underway

APA audits construction work to ensure facility meets APA's standards

Dogs to arrive at their new home

APA volunteers conduct monthly visits to check on dogs’ well-being