APA's Foster Families.

Taichung - Taiping B

  • Mr. Chen’s sister had told him about the Keep Dogs Out of Shelters Project before deciding to join the APA foster family.  Mrs. Chen’s garden, now home to 13 of APA’s rescue dogs, is filled with the scent of longan trees that surround the area. Mr. Chen makes conscientious effort in caring for the dogs to provide them a happy and healthy life.

Tainan - Madou A

tainan_madou _a.jpg
  • The town of Madou, famous for producing pomelos, is home to Mr. Shi who has taken in 13 of APA’s rescue dogs. Mr. Shi and his family are animal lovers, they felt sorry for the animals whose lives would probably end in the shelters had they not been rescued, so they decided to take action and signed up to become one of APA’s foster families. Mr. Shi’s family revamped their unused pig farm, and even built a playground area for the dogs to play with water and to sunbathe. There’s even an area designated for animals that require medical attention. The dogs even have a group of swamp eel friends, who live in the pond next to them. It’s not hard to imagine what a happy life the dogs must be leading right now.  

Tainan - Danei A

  • Danei is a pristine little town in Tainan City where Mr. Xiao Yu, the foster family of 52 APA’s rescue dogs resides. Mr. Xiao Yu’s farmland covers nearly 10,000 square meters of land where there are no skyscrapers or concrete walls in sight, only an abundance of vegetables and fruit planted by Mr. Xiao Yu. On this vast piece of land, the dogs are free to roam about wherever and whenever they like. They couldn’t ask for more for it is truly a doggie haven made on earth.

Tainan - Danei B

  • Another foster home for APA’s 31 rescue dogs is located in the peaceful valleys of Danei, away from the hustle and the bustle of the big city.  Here the dogs can truly enjoy the peace and quiet of a rural life. Mr. Yang inherited the land from his ancestors, and with the support of his family, decided to join the APA foster family to give shelter dogs a second chance at life.

Tainan - Danei C

  • At their home in Danei C, the 38 dogs enjoy their new quiet life surrounded by the wonderful nature of longan trees and creeks. Here the dogs even have their own swimming pool and a ramp specially built for them to roam on. The dogs at Danei C now lead a carefree life of joy and happiness with Mr. Ho and his family.

Tainan - Danei D

  • Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, one instantly feels refreshed walking on the tranquil path flanked by trees and fields that leads up to the foster home where APA’s rescue dogs can enjoy their newfound life without any care in the world. We believe they will go on to lead an even happier and healthier life in their foster home.

Tainan - Danei E

  • Mountain ranges surround our latest foster family, Danei E - a spacious haven enclosed by mango trees that makes one forgets all troubles. APA's rescue dogs can enjoy their newfound life without any care in the world.  We believe they will go on to lead an even happier and healthier life in their newfound home. 

Tainan - Zuozhen A

  • Home to 19 of APA’s rescue dogs, Zuozhen A is surrounded by stretches of mountains and forests. The foster family converted the unused shelter originally intended for livestock into the dogs’ new home. The dogs have a big outdoor area for exercise where they can also enjoy the scenic views of the mountains, a lifetime of peace and happiness awaits them.

Tainan - Nanxi A

tainan_nanxi a.jpg
  • Nanxi is a quaint little town where its residents are blessed with many days of sunshine in the year. A pair of retired couple decided to become APA’s foster family, marking the beginning of a beautiful friendship between them and 10 of APA’s rescue dogs. The mango orchard the foster parent owns is about 20, 000 square meters big. The old couple said the dogs have enriched their life and they have enjoyed every single day ever since the dogs became part of their family.

Tainan - Nanxi C

tainan_nanxi c.jpg
  • The foster family of Nanxi C owns an orchard where star fruit trees grow, and now it is where 17 of APA’s rescue dogs call home.  Here they are looked after by a pair of loving couple who say their lives are enriched with the dogs’ companionship.

Pingdong - Pingdong A

  • Mr. Wong and his family love gardening, his youngest daughter adores dogs especially.  Mr. Wong and his family live on the outskirts of Pingdong City and it was through his friend’s recommendation he learned about APA’s Keep Dogs Out of Shelters Project.  Now Mr. Wong and his family have 20 additional dog family members from APA who they care for with as much attention as they do in gardening.  We are confident the dogs will lead a happy, free and enriched life with Mr. Wong’s family.

Pingdong - Pingdong B

  • The foster home is situated within a garden owned by Mr. Wang, an avid dog lover.  Mr. Wong even went out of his way to build dog houses with the trees from his garden and a spacious exercise area for our dogs so they can lead a carefree and happy life at their new home.

Pingdong - Pingdong C

  • Pingdong C is located amongst rice fields and plantations in the suburban area of Pingdong City, it is now a new home for 20 of APA's rescue dogs.   Here they will enjoy plenty of sunshine and fresh air. APA is grateful to the foster family for giving the dogs a second chance at a truly happy life.

Pingdong - Wanruan A

pingdong_wanruan_a, .jpg
  • Mr. Lee specializes in gardening and owns a quaint garden of his own in the village of Wanruan in Pingdong.  Inside his garden lies a trail that’s perfect for daily walks, and the dogs can play on the grass at will.  Mr. Lee is a big dog lover and that’s why he decided to sign up to become APA’s foster family. Here, 30 of APA’s rescue dogs have embarked on their new and happy life with the Lee family.