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All of our rescue animals are micro-chipped, neutered and individual animal’s info is maintained in a digital archive in an effort to streamline and make our operations transparent to the general public. Animals’ physical health is looked after by professional veterinarians.  We also give our rescue animals basic behavioral training and socialization in hopes of bettering their chance of going to a forever loving home where they belong. In the spirit of playing our responsible part in society, throughout the past decade, APA has launched various projects such as the Pet Food Bank Program, Volunteer Training Program, Neuter/Spay Your Pet Campaign, and the Keep Dogs Out of Shelters Program.  


Through the Pet Food Bank Program we are able to utilize public donation to purchase and donate the much-needed pet food to privately run animal shelters to help ease the burden of food shortage problems they often face.  Furthermore, we also launched the Neuter/Spay Your Pet Campaign with the aim of encouraging pet owners to spay/neuter their pets with the aim to reduce pet overpopulation problem in Taiwan. Last but not least, APA introduced the Keep Dogs Out of Shelters Project where we seek out loving foster families residing in the countryside to look after the dogs we adopt from public shelters on our behalf, so they can enjoy a life of freedom outside of shelter kennels.

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Welcome to our Bali Sanctuary!  Your contribution as a one-day volunteer is deeply appreciated!  Come take our dogs for a walk, give them a warm bath or help clean up their living area to help make a difference in their lives! Please contact us at +886-2-2619-3412 before your planned visit!


We care about how our dogs fare once they arrive at their new foster home. We are looking for volunteers who can visit the dogs staying with their foster family to see if they are indeed leading a happy and healthy life, which is very important to us!


February 2nd, 1988 marks the date when

APA’s Shelter for Homeless Animals was founded,we will do everything we can to make sure donor’s every dollar donated to us is best utilized.


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