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About Pet Food Bank.

Many privately run animal shelters encounter food-shortage problems from time to time due to lack of funding. With the aim to ease this kind of burden many face, APA proposed to start the Pet Food Donation Bank Project where we utilize public donation to purchase and donate the much-needed pet food to these shelters. It is hoped that with this project in place, the shelters to which we donate the pet food will be able to shift their funds toward improving their facility so the animals in their care can enjoy a better quality of life.

APA’s Pet Food Bank was first launched in 2010. With your help, to date we have donated dog food to over 63 private shelters and fed over 152,007 dogs in total.

Application Process

1. Application Form Submission

Please download the application form and email/fax the completed form to APA for review​

2. Review by APA

Review process consists of 2 phases. First, APA will review the submitted application forms. For applicants whose paperwork does not pass the initial review process, please make modifications per APA’s feedback. APA will then carry out onsite assessment to conclude the overall evaluation process.

3. Announcement

APA will announce the selection list online on a monthly basis. Eligible slots may vary due to funding availability. Priority and sponsored quantity are at APA’s assessment team’s discretion.

4. Distribution

Pet food will be shipped directly to the applicant’s mailing address per the sponsored quantity announced on our website accordingly.