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Welcome to Bali Sanctuary

we will do everything we can to make sure donor’s every dollar donated to us is best utilized. Come visit us at Bali Sanctuary, we’re open all year round!

About Bali Sanctuary.

February 2nd, 1988 marks the date when APA’s first animal shelter –the Shelter for Homeless Animals, was founded. It was situated underneath the Yong-he Bridge before it was relocated to Danshui in the 90’s. In October of 2000, the Shelter moved to the current location – Bali, and received a new name, the Bali Sanctuary.  


It was then that APA began implementing the systemized practice of micro chipping all of the animals cared for at the Bali Sanctuary. A digital archive documenting each animal’s profile (characteristics, personality, health status, vaccination and medical records, etc) is also maintained. Onsite staff is not only responsible for the upkeep of the shelter and care for the animals staying at the Bali Sanctuary, the staff is also held accountable for how the dogs under their care are faring per their work performance evaluation.


At APA, we care about the animals staying at the Bali Sanctuary and thus we care about the quality of life we provide to them during their stay. And so we will do everything we can to make sure donor’s every dollar donated to us is best utilized. Come visit us at Bali Sanctuary, we’re open all year round!

Before You Visit

  • Open Hours:
    We are open all year-round, visiting hours are from 10:00-11:30 and 13:30-15:30. (Latest entry at 3pm)


  • Group Visits (applicable to visits over 5 people.  Due to space/manpower availability, for now we’re only accepting group visits of under 50 people):
    >> Please fill out the group visit application form at least 30 days prior to your planned visit

    ​*We apologize in advance for requested visit schedule may be adjusted should there be schedule conflict with other group visit reservations or in the event of bad weather. 

  • What do volunteers do?
    Dog walking (we care about the environment as much as we do the animals we care for, please bring plastic bags and old newspaper for picking up after the dogs), grooming, kennel cleaning

    Friendly Reminder
    There’s nothing more the dogs at the Bali Sanctuary love more than getting their walks! Please wear casual and/or bring a change of clothes when you visit.

    ​Bali Sanctuary will not be open to public under the following conditions:
    - In the event of office/school closures issued by New Taipei City due to typhoon/severe weather condition.
    - Maintenance construction, vaccination period, training in session. (announcement will be made prior on APA’s official website and FB page.)

Where is Bali Sanctuary?

GPS coordinates

25° 6' 57.40",  121° 23'39.70"


No 16-5, Neighborhood 4 Chang-Dao Keng, Bali District, New Taipei City

Public Transportation

  • Save money solution:get off at MRT Guandu Station → get on Taxi to Bali Sanctuary.

  • Save time solution:get off at MRT Guandu Station → get on Bus Red Line No 22 → get off at Tudigong Temple Station.→ get on Taxi to Bali Sanctuary.

By Car/Scooter

  • Take the Guandu Bridge line.

  • Take the Linkou Road line.

  • Provincial Highway 64 – Hsindian line.

Contact Info 




On-camera Interview Requests

02-27040809 ext. 28

On-Camera Interview Requests

  • Due to staff has routine work to attend to onsite, we ask that on-camera interview requests be submitted at least 10 business days prior. >>On-Camera Interview Request Form

  • Interviews can be conducted in our administrative office from 10:00~12:00、14:00~17:00 from Monday to Friday, not including national holidays.

  • Please allow a 3-day notice period should the need to reschedule the interview arise. We reserve the right to cancel the interview for last-minute notices.

  • Please feel free to browse our official website and/or give us a call to find out more about APA beforehand.

  • Your request will be responded to via phone/email within 3 days of your submission. Please feel free to contact us to verify if submission was successful.

  • Please note prior consent is required for all on-camera interview requests.  APA reserves the right to reject requests that cannot be accommodated due to schedule conflict, weather, or manpower bandwidth issues. By submitting your request, you acknowledge and accept these aforementioned terms.  

    For any related questions, please contact us at 02-2704-0809