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Are you one of those people who would like to keep pets if circumstances allowed? 

APA's  SponsorshipProgram.

APA’s Animal Sponsorship Program

Are you one of those people who would like to keep pets if circumstances allowed? Or maybe you’re already a pet owner but you simply can’t take in any more pets into your house. Nonetheless, you would like to do more for the thousands of the homeless animals, but don’t know how?


APA is offering a solution, for only NT$20 a day, you can become the sponsor for one of our animals at the Bali Sanctuary. You are welcome to come visit them at the Bali Sanctuary anytime as it is open all year round.  You can even take them out for walks or bring them home to spend the weekend over in your home. Although the animals already have our onsite staff to look after their daily needs; by becoming a sponsor, the animals will receive double the love they so well deserve.

Your donation will cover the following expenses:

  1. Food, cleaning products

  2. Medicine and vet bills

  3. Behavioral training

  4. Repair and maintenance

How to become a sponsor: 

  1. Select the animal you’d like become a sponsor for   

  2. Submit the completed sponsorship form (soft/hard copy) to APA

  3. Sponsor a rescue animal for only NT$20 a day(NT$600/mo=US$20/day)

  4. Come to the Bali Sanctuary and visit your sponsored animal or take them home for the weekend